A final Godspell performance


Even though the production of Godspell that I directed at The Kelsey Theatre closed on Sunday, the producers at M & M Stage Productions thought it would be wonderful to give back to the community and provide a little entertainment for the residents of a local senior care center. The cast gathered together on Thursday night one final time to sing a few songs from the score.  There wasn’t enough space to really perform any choreography and the accompanist was different than normal, but the residents didn’t seem to notice any flubs. The small audience gathered in a semicircle and clapped along while nurses passed around fruit punch and popcorn. I’m sure many of the residents who were unable to leave their beds also heard the performance, because let me tell you, that cast was loud.

So now it’s official: Godspell is over.  What to do for the rest of the summer…?

Enjoy this clip of We Beseech Thee (led by Wesley Cappiello) from the senior center performance.


Showtime shoutout

Break a leg to everyone in the Backlot Players’ production of my play, A Family Reunion to Die For, being performed at The Rose Theater in Forsyth, GA, from tonight until August 4.

A Family Reunion to Die For

My little list of characters

People always ask me how I begin drafting my plays. Well, before writing a single word, I make a list of every character in the play. I don’t give any of the characters names until several drafts in, but I write a word or so that describes each character to form a complete character list. I usually create this list on a scrap of paper, and it ends up sitting right next to my laptop until I finish the play.

Here’s what the character list for my latest play looks like (maybe I should begin actually writing soon):

Character list

Another video clip from Godspell

Now that my production of Godspell (which I directed for M & M Stage Productions at The Kelsey Theatre) has closed, I’ve been enjoying looking at the pictures and video clips I managed to snag while I was watching the show from the back of the theatre. My favorite moment from the show was the beautiful song By My Side. I knew from the start that I wanted the staging of this song to be simple so the audience could focus on the very poetic lyrics. The young actress who leads the song is named Molly Karlin, and I couldn’t be more moved by the powerful performance she delivered.

Take a look at By My Side from the production:

Godspell production photos

Godspell production photo

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The production of Godspell I directed for M & M Stage Productions at The Kelsey Theatre closed this past Sunday afternoon after two wonderful weekends of performances and many months of preparation. I’m so happy I had the chance to … Continue reading

A video clip from Godspell

I haven’t posted in a few weeks because I’ve been so busy with Godspell, which I’m directing for M & M Stage Productions at The Kelsey Theatre. The show opened this past Friday after a grueling tech week. The production came together nicely, and I’m proud of what everyone involved has accomplished.

Enjoy this video of the song All Good Gifts from the production:

Godspell podcast

One of the theatre companies that produces shows at The Kelsey Theatre where I’m directing Godspell for M & M Stage Productions recorded a podcast for our production. The mic seems a little glitchy, but hopefully the promotion will be good for the show.

Listen: Backstage Pass – Episode 58: Godspell