My little list of characters

People always ask me how I begin drafting my plays. Well, before writing a single word, I make a list of every character in the play. I don’t give any of the characters names until several drafts in, but I write a word or so that describes each character to form a complete character list. I usually create this list on a scrap of paper, and it ends up sitting right next to my laptop until I finish the play.

Here’s what the character list for my latest play looks like (maybe I should begin actually writing soon):

Character list


One thought on “My little list of characters

  1. I like your style!! When I write plays I start with the characters too, but I usually start from their dialogue. I don’t give them names when I first start either, I use the dialogue to gauge the characters personalities and their state of mind and then build my plot around that. Word to the playwrights!! Check out my blog sometime. I have a lot of writing prompts that can be a lot of fun

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