Showtime shoutout

The first year students in the Radio and Broadcast News Department at The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Alberta, Canada, are in the middle of a run of my play, A Family Reunion to Die For, which began on April 15 and closes on April 24. I hope they have a successful production.

Take a look at this trailer for the production:

Showtime shoutout

In March, Andover Central School in Andover, NY, put on a production of my play, Murderous Night at the Museum. An article in the Wellsville Daily Reporter discusses how museum-like exhibits decorated the hallways of the school to extend the setting of the play throughout the school. What a clever idea! I’m sure that was a lot of fun (and also a lot of work.)

Read the article: ‘Murderous Night at the Museum’ coming to Andover Central School this weekend

Murderous Night at the Museum - Andover Central School

Murderous Night at the Museum – Andover Central School