Offed at the Bake Off soon to be published

Last week was a busy one, but in the midst of all the chaos, I was stopped with some exciting news: A play I co-wrote with my brother, Matt, titled Offed at the Bake Off, received a publishing offer from Eldridge Publishing.

Offed at the Bake Off

This will be my fifth full length play published and also the last in my queue of finished plays to submit to publishers (which means I better start writing some more).  This play also holds my record for shortest evaluation period, as I sent the script to the publisher only two weeks prior to receiving the contract (it normally takes several months to hear back).  Eldridge Publishing plans to have the play available by the end of fall so that it will be ready for the busy spring school play period.

What makes this news especially exciting is that Offed at the Bake Off has yet to have an initial production.  We wrote the play in the summer of 2013 with expectations to mount a full production at a local high school that fall.  Unfortunately, new regulations set by the school board pushed production back several weeks, and this play was just too big to pull off in the limited timeframe.  We were only able to hold a workshop reading with students at the school, so I’ve only ever seen the play performed in my mind.

My fingers are crossed that Offed at the Bake Off will do well (and that I will get to see a production soon)!


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