I’m getting published! (Well, my play is.)

In case this post’s title wasn’t a clue, my latest play has received a publishing contract!



Jump up and down!

This one is extra special to me because it’s the first play I’ve written solo.  All of my other plays were collaborations with my brother, Matt, (and sometimes a few of my students).  I had an idea for a fairytale spinning in my head for awhile and figured I’d flesh it out.  So I did.  (And I mentioned it in a previous post.)

The play is called I Wish, and it’s a story for young audiences centered around Cinderella’s godmother – a sassy gal named Carol.  It’s a fairy’s fairytale, if you will.  I set the play on the evening of the royal ball.  Cinderella wants to attend, of course, but needs to finish cleaning her cottage or her stepmother will not be happy.  Carol offers to get the job done…and hilarious hijinks ensue.  Apparently, Cinderella wasn’t the only one to have an adventure that night.  (And spoiler alert: she wasn’t the only one to have a romance, either.)

Publishing offer

Publishing offer

I finished writing the play about two months ago and sent it off to the submissions editor at Pioneer Drama Service (publisher of my plays A Family Reunion to Die For and Murderous Night at the Museum).  I received an offer and a contract in the mail, yesterday.

I’m really happy to have this play in the hands of Pioneer, because they do a great job marketing their shows.

I Wish will be available for amateur and professional licensing within the next few months.  Tell all the children’s theatre directors you know.  Or buy a copy.  Or two.


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