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I’m a playwright and teacher who writes specifically for the student performer market.

I’ve been writing and directing for the stage from as far back as I can remember. My life in the theater began at the age of five when I gathered old bedsheets and constructed a stage in my basement so I could direct a production of Snow White and the Two Dwarfs (I couldn’t round up enough friends to cast seven dwarfs, so my adaptation had to be slightly non-traditional). My childhood weekends consisted mostly of forcing my friends and family to watch my original basement plays. I spent the bulk of my teenage years performing in school and community theater productions and continued to act through college, eventually completing a BS in elementary education and an MEd in library media.

Shortly before earning my undergraduate degree, a local high school asked me to direct a play for a small group of students. The gig continued through the next year and then the next, and I haven’t looked back since. I soon began to write full length plays for my students to perform, often encouraging them to participate in the writing process. I love creating characters and stories that excite students and make them want to take risks with their performances!

I continue to direct school and community theater productions, and I’ve taught drama workshops to a variety of students throughout the years – from elementary schoolers to high schoolers – as near as my hometown of Trenton, New Jersey, to as far as Bangkok, Thailand. I’m happy to have found a way to combine my love of theater and my passion for education.

In my spare time I enjoy exploring new places, ordering takeout, and pretending like I know how to play tennis.

Visit www.mikesteeleonline.com to learn more about me and my plays.

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