A new project

After a few months of slacking off on my writing (don’t yell at me – I did finish editing a play, and I wrote some freelance articles), I’ve decided it’s time to begin my next project…and it’s not going to be in play format.

“Whaaaaaaaat?” you ask.

“Yesssssssss!” I say.

“But you always write playyyyyyyyyys!” you scream.

“I’m taking a hiatus from the drama.”

I’ve wanted to write a children’s book for a long time.  Children’s literature has been my favorite book genre since…well, since I was a child.  My brother always tells me I’m some sort of children’s lit expert because I can rattle off the names of authors and characters.  (But I think that’s just because he never read much as a child and doesn’t realize that Beverly Cleary is a household name.  She is a household name, right?  If not, she really should be.  The woman is a genius!)

Anyway, yes, I’m going to begin work on my first foray into children’s literature.  My plan is to outline the story today and to force myself to begin writing super soon.  Never mind that all the fictional writing I’ve done since my freshman year of high school is limited to plays (and a random short story); I’m going to buckle down and make this happen.  I’ve read enough children’s books to know how to write one.  At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

A new project

By the end of today, I’ll have written something.

Now let me get off of WordPress on onto Word so I can get cracking!