Where have I been?

Except for a bunch of showtime shoutouts to schools and theatre troupes performing my plays, I haven’t posted any content on this blog in…  a long time…  too long.

So where have I been the past few months?


Late last year I began writing my first one-act play – a modern day fairy tale (which also happens to be my first play specifically for young audiences).  After a promising start one afternoon, I got sidetracked.  Why?  Well, I had to catch the train into NYC because I had tickets that evening to the Broadway revival of Pippin.  I saved my writing file, and got lost in the magic to do (bad joke, I know) of one of the best Broadway shows I’ve seen in years.  I had good intentions of working on the play some more when I got home that night, but I never got around to it.  In fact, I never got around to it for awhile.

I really did have good intentions of finishing the play before the new year, but the holidays came quickly, and I got busy shopping and eating.  Then my brother came home for Christmas, and late one night (we tend to do our best brainstorming in the middle of the night), we came up with an idea for a new play – a full-length and rather vulgar comedy.

Oh, no!  Two plays spinning in my head at once!

Well, my brother and I discussed submitting the full-length play to some Fringe festivals around the world, and with deadlines beginning in mid-February, we got to work on that play right after the new year.  He flew back to the West Coast, and we wrote the play over the course of a month and a half by sending drafts of the play back and forth to each other via email, and arguing a lot through text message, as we always do.  We finished just in time to start submitting to Fringe festivals.  Fingers crossed, we’ll have a production mounted soon.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, the play is about poop.  Yes, poop.

After finishing the full-length play, my writer-brain was on a roll, and I decided to plow through the one-act I had begun writing several months before.  And I did.  And it’s finished.  And now it’s time to figure out what to do with that script.

A little snippet of the one-act fairytale I recently finished.

A little snippet of the one-act fairytale I recently finished.

And it’s time to decide what my next project will be before I get lazy again.