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I Wish...I Wish…
5 M, 4 W, 3 that can be any
Published by Pioneer Drama Service

You’ve heard the story of Cinderella, but did you know that her sassy Godmother also has a tale to tell? When a hardworking fairy named Carol stops by her goddaughter’s cottage to borrow a cup of flour, a simple visit quickly turns into a complicated evening of chaos. Carol’s plans to bake a batch of brownies are set into a tailspin when a bunch of silly strangers (including a door-to-door salesman, a repairwoman, a pizza delivery boy, and more) show up, hoping to have their wishes granted by the fairy. Making a wish come true should be easy with magic on her side, but an accidental encounter with a fire-breathing dragon renders Carol’s wand useless. To top it off, a bunch of mischievous mice are on the loose. Will we ever make it to happily ever after? And will the brownie batter ever find its way into the oven? Audiences and performers will have a ball with this delightful fairy’s tale.


A Family Reunion to Die ForA Family Reunion to Die For
Co-written with Matt Steele
4 M, 10 W, 3 that can be any
Published by Pioneer Drama Service

It’s time for the Knotting Family Reunion, and newlywed Christine Franklin is eager to show off her husband Freddie to the family she hasn’t seen in years. The joyful reunion quickly turns sour, though, when Aunt Gretchen, Cousin Rachel, and Cousin Stefan are all murdered. The members of the Knotting Family are dropping like flies, and Christine seems to be next in line to become a victim! To make matters worse, a terrible storm has trapped all of the guests inside. It’s up to Freddie to catch the murderer and save his blushing bride. After all, he is a detective – well, a mall security guard turned wannabe detective, anyway. Who is trying to wipe out the Knotting family? Is it the pair of squirrel-hunting hillbilly sisters with their rifle? The former Vegas showgirl with a knack for knitting? The maid with a single digit IQ? The grouchy cook? The bitter journalist? The troupe of mimes? Gretchen, Rachel and Stefan return from the dead, and with the audience’s help, teach Freddie what it takes to be a real detective. Complete with a hilarious chase scene, a chance for several of the characters to interact with the audience and a few surprising plot twists, this refreshingly fun, murder mystery comedy is the perfect play for high school ages and up.


Prince of My DreamsPrince of My Dreams

3 M, 3 W
Published by Twisted Plays

Snow White and Sleeping Beauty – they’re the princesses you’ve heard about who fall asleep and then wait around for princes to come wake them up. …Or do they? Mouthy (one of the seven dwarfs) and Fee (a fairy) are ready to tell the part of the story you’ve never heard before. The princesses actually meet in their dreams and open a successful business. Pies & Suds is Dreamland’s very first bakery-dry-cleaning establishment, and the princesses are proud to service humans and animals across the land. That is until Mayor Rutherford enforces her strict no-animals-in-eating-establishments policy. Prince Charming and Prince Clumsy’s family has ruled the land for generations, though, and the brothers assure the princesses that the evil mayor has no real authority. But when Mayor Rutherford enacts a plan to steal control of Dreamland, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty must go on a quest to ensure that everything turns out happily ever after. Can the princesses defeat Mayor Rutherford and an invisible guard dragon named Mimsy? The mission may seem impossible, but anything can happen with the magic of fairytales!


Offed at the Bake-OffOffed at the Bake-Off
Co-written with Matt Steele
6 M, 10 W, 2 that can be any
Published by Eldridge Publishing

Flashback to 1955, the stormy evening before the 33rd annual Knotting Bake-Off, brought to you by J & J Toothpaste. The contestants have gathered at the Knotting Inn down at the Jersey Shore, each hoping that their perfectly crafted baked good will win the coveted blue ribbon. It seems someone’s dessert is more deadly than tasty, though, when they discover an entire gaggle of bratty students have been poisoned during a press conference. It is clear that someone at the inn has a sweet tooth for murder. But who could the culprit be? The egotistical bake-off champion? The hard-of-hearing elderly man? The practical jokester nun? The silent fitness model? The clumsy reporter? The amnesiac woman? Or one of the other kooky bake-off contestants roaming around the inn? When a detective (whose name also happens to be Detective) arrives on the scene, he asks the audience to help him figure out whodunit. Flying accusations and flying pies are just a few of the fun ingredients that make this murder mystery a recipe for a hilarious night at the theatre.


An All You Can Murder Buffet

An All You Can Murder Buffet
Co-written with Marissa DeYoung, Sabrina Salay, Hannah Singleton, and Matt Steele
7 M, 12 W, 3 that can be any, unlimited extras
Published by Brooklyn Publishers

The Knotting Community College Cheerleading Team is hosting a Protect the Whales fundraiser at IHOFF: The International House of Fried Foods, an all you can eat buffet. Despite a blizzard, the team hopes a large crowd of hungry diners will come out to support the cause. A major celebrity might even show up! But not everything goes quite as planned. When the cheerleaders are poisoned, it becomes clear that someone at the buffet is out for murder. But who could it be? The vivacious female impersonator? The tattooed bikers? The argumentative conjoined twins? The irritable cook? The artistic fashion designer? The love struck ventriloquist? Santa Claus? His elf? Or one of the other zany characters floating around the restaurant? Join psychic Madam Adelina as she attempts to unravel the mystery with some help from the audience. This is a fun show for anyone with an interest in mystery, fashion, cooking, mystery, cheerleading, ventriloquism, mystery, Christmas, tarot cards, mystery, manicures, motorcycles, mystery, and mystery.


Murderous Night at the MuseumMurderous Night at the Museum
Co-written with Kate Sparacio, Matt Steele, and Melissa Stumbaugh
4 M, 9 W, 6 that can be any
Published by Pioneer Drama Service

It’s time for the Knotting Museum to unveil its newest exhibit, The Tomb of Aepep and His Mistress, and several local celebrities have been invited to the big exhibition. Much to the pleasure of museum curator Darlene Kisser, the event seems to be running smoothly. Smoothly, that is, until the egotistical film starlet, Elizabeth Rose, and the washed-up singer, Joy Mond, are both murdered and panic ensues. Someone needs to figure out whodunit before another murder occurs, and it doesn’t take long for each of the guests to begin playing detective. The only problem is that one of these detectives is actually the murderer. Is it the cold cut loving man from New York? His photo snapping wife? One of the bratty teenage twin sisters? The love struck magician? The forgetful chemist? The thief or her clumsy companion? When the museum’s mummified exhibit comes to life, the audience has the chance to assist the guests in determining who murdered Elizabeth and Joy. With a slew of zany characters, absurd situations and a messy food fight, this audience participation murder mystery comedy is ideal for high school, college, and community theatre groups.


Till Death Do Them Part

Till Death Do Them Part
Co-written with Tricia-Rae Parent, Caleb Riggins, and Matt Steele
6 M, 7 W, 8 that can be any, unlimited extras
Published by Big Dog Publishing

Anna and Michael hope their wedding will be the start of a beautiful life together – an occasion they will remember until the day they die. Unfortunately for Anna, that day is today. The bride and groom have invited their feuding families to watch them say, “I do,” but when Anna and all of her guests are murdered during the ceremony, it’s clear that someone in attendance does not wish to congratulate the happy couple. To make matters worse, an apocalypse has trapped all of the survivors inside. …And one of them is the murderer. It’s a good thing the minister also happens to be an online certified private investigator, because someone has to figure out whodunit before the entire guest list is wiped clean. Could it be the love struck hippie? The wimpy bodybuilder? The green faced actor? The pushy Mavon Makeup peddler? The flirtatious politician? The roller skating clown? The sarcastic housekeeper? The silent butler? Or one of the other wacky invited (or uninvited) guests that have shown up to celebrate the occasion? Complete with audience interaction, a tumbling wedding cake, and a few earthquakes, this murder mystery comedy will have you laughing until the end of the world.


3 M, 2 W, 2 that can be any, unlimited extras
Published by Brooklyn Publishers

It’s the familiar story of a secret romance between a royal prince and a royal housekeeper. When news breaks that Prince Derek and Gertrude the maid have been hiding a year-long fling, there’s quite a commotion in the palace. King Leonard doesn’t have much to say (he’s too concerned with napping to worry about anything else), but the ever-opinionated Queen Ann is less than thrilled. That is, until she learns that Gertrude has the special ability to transform ordinary straw into gold. The only problem is it’s all a big lie that’s quickly spinning out of control. Gertrude finds herself fighting for her job and her love until she discovers that the palace is inhabited by a mischievous, magical little man who can provide just the help she needs…for a price. Based on the classic fairytale by the Brothers Grimm, this adaptation of Rumpelstiltskin will entertain both children and adults until happily ever after.

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